Non-fungible tokens — commonly referred to as NFTs have become somewhat of a buzzword over the past few months. This is unsurprising, given that NFTs, such as that in the form of digital art, have sold for millions — with the artist Beeple’s ‘Everydays — The First 5000 Days’ selling…

Date: 8th June 2021 at 3 pm UTC
Hosted by: Aryan Soni
Speaker: Ernest Cantillon

Aryan Soni:
Hello sir, So nice to have you with us for AMA Session today.

Ernest Cantillon:
Really looking forward to telling you all about DramEx

Introduction Questions

Aryan Soni | Crypto Royals:
Q1. Can you please introduce…

The exact history of whiskey production is hard to isolate and recount, partially because the process of distillation has been around since pre-roman times and partially because of the incomplete records during our forefathers’ amber innovation.

However, let’s say that since the 15th century in Scotland and Ireland, something resembling…

Welcome to the Whiskey Revolution

Inaccessible, pretentious and outmoded — why do we put up with it? The world of high end whiskey is set to change forever, from the old fashioned model we see today, to a transparent and immutable marketplace available to all. But how is this possible?


Where Whiskey Meets Crypto A decentralised marketplace that allows the global whiskey community to own, trade and invest in whiskey

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